Online Traffic Schools in Alabama (5 Best)

If you’re looking for the easiest way to get out of a ticket in Alabama, then finding a traffic school online is what you need. 

However, there are lots of online traffic schools out there.

Which ones are legit?

Which ones can I complete in the fastest time possible?

More important, which ones can dismiss a traffic ticket in Alabama? 

We’re here to help.  

In this article, we’ll review the 5 best online traffic schools in Alabama. You can be sure that all these schools are legit, high-quality, and allow you to finish the course in the fastest time possible.  

So shall we get reviewing? 

Best Online Traffic Schools in Alabama

Before you enroll in any of the programs we’re about to mention, it’s important to note that not all of them are authorized in Alabama. Meaning, even if you complete all requirements and examinations, there’s no way of assuring that your local court will accept your credentials. 

Your best bet is to inform the court assigned to your case about your plans of enrolling in an unapproved online traffic school program. 

Okay, now that we have all that out of the way, let’s proceed to check out the best online traffic schools in Alabama:

Let’s get to know about each one. 


5 Best Online Traffic Schools in Alabama GoToTrafficSchool

Affordable. Reliable. Comprehensive.

If there were three words to best describe the services you can get from GoToTrafficSchool, it’d be those. 

Not only does this school offer the most competitive prices, but they also provide students with comprehensive lessons. And yes, you can take it anywhere, anytime using their mobile phone, tablet, or PC.

The great thing about GoToTrafficSchool is that you don’t need to commit to their services off the bat. 

Nope, they give you 30 days to test out their features and services to see if you find them agreeable. 

If you experience any issues, you can contact their customer support team, who are available 23/7/365. 

You can use their course to get out of a traffic ticket, reduce insurance rates, or simply improve your skills as a driver. 


5 Best Online Traffic Schools in Alabama  iDriveSafely

Second on our list of the best online traffic schools in Alabama is iDriveSafely.

Being one of the pioneering companies to ever make online traffic school available in the US, iDriveSafely has stood the test of time. 

The great thing about iDriveSafely is that they offer very flexible learning materials. Whether you’re someone who learns better with videos or with reading material, you can find a fitting solution with this school. 

You can use iDriveSafely’s courses for ticket dismissal, insurance discounts, or to simply improve your driving skills. 

Plus, you can access all your lessons on multiple devices: mobile phones, PCs, and/or tablets. 

Upon completion, you’ll be sent your completion certificate via email. After that, it’s all up to you to get your certificate to court on time. 

For assistance, you can always contact their customer support personnel, who are available 24/7.


5 Best Online Traffic Schools in Alabama MyImprov

While traffic school should certainly be taken seriously, there’s no reason to not have a little fun while completing it. 

That’s exactly what MyImprov stands for as a traffic school! 

First established by a group of stand-up comedians, this course will have you rolling with laughter, all while still getting the high-quality instruction that you paid for.

MyImprov provides its students with a mobile application that you may download via the App Store or Google Play. This makes it much easier for students to access their lessons wherever and whenever they like. It also makes it more convenient to track their progress. 

You can use MyImprov’s course to dismiss a ticket or to file for ticket dismissal. 

Also, take note that, if you want to work with MyImprov, you’ll have to ask the court assigned to your case for permission to use the course. 

For assistance, feel free to contact MyImprov’s customer support service, which is available 24/7.



While DmvEdu isn’t the most popular school on this list, their services do adhere to ALEA and Alabama State Court Standards. Thus, making them one of our top picks for the best online traffic schools in Alabama. 

DmvEdu has all the materials and lessons you need in order to ace your final traffic school exam. 

Everything from digital animations, audio recordings, and video lectures — whatever your learning style is, you can rest assured that DmvEdu can accommodate you. 

Similar to the other courses we’ve mentioned above, DmvEdu can be accessed using absolutely any device, from phones and tablets to laptops and desktops.

Despite all its benefits, it’s important to remember that DmvEdu is not Alabama state-approved. Even if it adheres to Alabama standards of instruction,  you’ll still have to ask the local court handling your case for permission to use this course. 

DriveSafe Online

DriveSafe Online

Last but definitely not least on our list of best online traffic schools in Alabama is DriveSafe Online. 

They’ve been in the traffic school business for over 25 years and have helped millions of drivers get out of traffic tickets nationwide. 

With DriveSafe Online, you can work completely at your own pace and at your own time, as the course doesn’t use any course timers — unlike other courses. 

It’s mobile-friendly, so you can access your lessons on your phone whenever you want. Plus, they have a 99% passing rate, so you can rest assured that you’ll be able to pass with flying colors.

You can use DriveSafe Online’s courses to get you out of traffic tickets and approve insurance discounts. 

That is if your court or local DMV approves it. 

That’s right, DriveSafe Online is not Alabama state-approved, so you’ll have to ask your court or DMV for permission to use their course. 

Final Thoughts

The best and easiest way to get out of a traffic ticket in Alabama is by taking an online traffic school. 

That said, the courses we’ve mentioned above are some of the best that Alabama state currently offers. If you’re looking for a quick and effective way to get rid of that pesky ticket, this is your shot. 

Good luck!

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