Reviews Of Online Traffic Schools

If you’re looking for reviews of online traffic schools, this article is just for you. We have additional pages with some online traffic school reviews, and we even have some reviews for individual states, but listed below is going to be our highest-rated online traffic schools.

It is a bit difficult to give just one recommendation as everyone will have their preferences. For the most part, a state-certified online traffic school will have certain requirements and features that they must include in their course. However, there are some courses that are better than others.

The courses that we reviewed below should offer a few options and suit the needs of almost everyone. While the material will be about the same from course to course, it is how the material is presented that makes a big difference.

Review Of iDriveSafely



  • A+ rating on BBB
  • Offers some of the shortest and fastest online traffic courses
  • FREE delivery of the certificate of completion to your local court
  • Access to interactive resources including videos, 3D animations, graphics, and games
  • Reliable customer and technical service support team
  • Log on and off as you please. There is a student-friendly course progress tracker for easy self-paced learning.100% online and available on any device
  • Offers multiple learning formats: text, audio narration, and video
  • While the text-based course is comprehensive, it can get lengthy and boring at times
  • Some material might be outdated

iDriveSafely is one of the oldest and most widely used online traffic schools.

This online traffic school is approved in almost every state and they also verify that you will be able to use this course for ticket dismissal or insurance reduction purposes. More than 5 million people have gone through their online traffic school and the school has been able to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

This course is best suited for those who what their online traffic school to be direct and to the point. This online traffic school takes a more “serious” approach to the course. They do a pretty good job by not being ultra-serious, but there is not a whole lot of humor mixed in. For many, this will be one of the more boring courses that you can take, but they have been around a long time and offer some great features.

One of the features they have is 24/7/365 customer support. You are also able to log in or log out of the course anytime you wish and they will keep track of your progress. Some states, such as California, will also deliver your certificate of completion to the proper court directly. In addition, the iDriveSafely online traffic school course is the shortest course that you are allowed to take legally. For many states, there is no course timer so you can get through the course in under an hour. For other states, you will be required to spend a certain amount of time on each page before you can proceed, but iDriveSafely always uses the shortest time allowed.

For these reasons and more, we can safely recommend iDriveSafely as a great online traffic school option.

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Review Of Improv Traffic School



  • Expertly crafted course curriculum by professional driving instructors, stand-up comedians, and Hollywood scriptwriters
  • Award-winning curriculum recognized by reputable media outlets and institutions
  • A+ rating on BBB
  • Hilarious skits and videos
  • No hidden fees – FREE due date reminders, filing of certificates, and unlimited test retakes
  • Reliable 24/7 customer support via live chat, phone, or text
  • Available on any device and get 24/7 access to resources
  • FREE dedicated mobile app
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Mobile app is not as comprehensive and engaging as other apps, such as Aceable’s Defensive Driving app
  • Better choice for students who prefer videos over a text-based course

Improv Traffic School is another great option. This online traffic school was created by the owners of the famous Improv Comedy Club chain. This traffic school started a couple of decades ago before online traffic schools even existed. They have been running classroom-based traffic schools for a long time and still offer classroom-based courses for those who prefer that option.

What makes Improv Traffic School different is the humor they add to the course. Whether you go with their classroom-based traffic school or their online traffic school version, you will notice quite a bit of humor mixed into the courses. Whether you play a fun and quick game, watch whole areas of video with a standup comic, or browse through their highly entertaining and humorous images throughout the course, there will always be something that will catch you off your guard and make you laugh. Perhaps the biggest complaint that we receive about online traffic schools is how boring they are and this is how Improv Traffic School deals with that issue.

For those who enjoy silly and goofy humor, this course is a really good option. On the other hand, if goofy humor is not your thing, you are probably better off going with another option.

As far as customer service and reputation are concerned, Improv Traffic School is also one of the most recognized online traffic schools with a great rating from the Better Business Bureau. They also offer good customer support and offer the shortest courses that are allowed by law. This is definitely a great option for those of you who want a course that is a little less boring than the others. 

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Review Of Go To Traffic School



  • Same-day processing of certificates
  • Automatically sends your certificate to your local court handler
  • Lowest-price Guarantee
  • Try the course for FREE! Pay only when you’re fully satisfied with the course with their 100% money-back guarantee (Terms and Conditions apply)
  • Access to 100% online interactive learning tools including text, audio, videos, and games on any device
  • Reliable 24-7-365 customer support via live chat, email, or phone
  • Audio learning feature is available in multiple languages
  • Some customer problems with certificate processing and delivery
  • Unclear state licensing details on website
  • Here is a another great option for those of you who are on a budget. While we believe Go To Traffic School is slightly lower in quality and a bit more outdated that are other two recommendations, this course guarantees the lowest price. If you find a course for a lower price than Go To Traffic School, they will match that price. This course is also offered in a very high number of states so it is very likely that you are approved to take their course for ticket dismissal or insurance reduction purposes. This online traffic school will verify that you are eligible to take your course during the sign-up process.

    As we stated, this course seems to be a little more outdated than the other courses we have reviewed in this article, however, they still offer 24/7 support and have a good reputation. We have heard some complaints about their customer service and we believe that it is probably outsourced to an offshore customer service company. We do not have proof of this, but judging by the complaints that we receive on occasion, this seems to be the case. They also offer the ability to log in and log out whenever you want as well as keeping the course at the shortest amount of time allowed by law.

    While you shouldn’t find a big difference in price between the various online traffic schools that are available, those on a budget tend to prefer using the school as they can be guaranteed they are paying the lowest price possible. That is why we prefer to recommend this course to those who are trying to get the cheapest price possible without much worry for any of the frills and a top-notch customer service.

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