Safe2Drive Online Traffic School Review is one of the better known online traffic schools. In this Safe2Drive review of their online traffic school course, we’ll examine the good and the bad things about this online traffic school. Should you sign up for them, or is there a better alternative? The answer will be different for everyone, but let’s dive in and see what the Safe2Drive online traffic school is all about.

Is A Legit Online Traffic School?

For starters, yes, Safe2Drive is indeed a legitimate and certified online traffic school. However, Safe2Drive is not certified in all states, so make sure you verify with your court clerk’s office that the Safe2Drive online traffic school can be used for ticket dismissal or point reduction purposes. The Safe2Drive system will also verify your eligibility, but it’s a good idea to do some independent checking as well.

Safe2Drive has been in business for many years, so no issues there. Unfortunately, Safe2Drive has chosen not to divulge a lot of information about themselves. However, we determined they have about 17 years of experience operating in several different states, so they are a trustworthy and legitimate course to sign up with.

We wanted to find out who exactly is behind Safe2Drive and determined this online traffic school is owned by Inventrum LLC based out of San Diego, California. Interestingly enough, Inventrum LLC does not operate a website and makes it very difficult to obtain information about them. While Inventrum LLC does have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, Safe2Drive itself has no BBB rating.

The lack of readily available information and transparency for this company does leave a few questions.

Safe2Drive Customer Support Overview

One of the top complains people have when taking online traffic school is the lack of quality customer service. While most people don’t think they will need to contact support, this is something that is very important. All online traffic schools must abide by certain government regulations such as identity verification and verifying citation info. If anything goes wrong in their automated system, you’ll need to contact customer support. This is why having extended customer service hours are so important.

Safe2Drive does offer is phone support during the following hours (pacific standard time):

Mon – Thurs: 8am to 12am
Friday: 8am to 11pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am to 10pm

You are able to receive support via phone, email, as well as live online chat.

We should also note that they were the recipient of a Silver Stevie Award for good customer support, so it appears they try to provide a high level of support during extended customer support hours. It should be noted, however, that the Silver Stevie Award is something companies can apply for – they aren’t simply given the award due to outside feedback.

Safe2Drive Is Mobile & Tablet Friendly

If you plan to take the Safe2Drive online traffic school course from a mobile device or tablet, Safe2Drive is a good option. Safe2Drive has made some big updates to their course over the past few years and it works very well on mobile devices like phones and tablets. You can switch between devices at any time as well.

How Does The Safe2Drive Online Traffic School Work?

This depends on the state you are taking the course in, but for the state of California, there are 10 different sections you must complete. The number of sections you need to go through may be different depending on where you live.

The lessons are made up of reading material, videos, animations, and interactive exercises. Depending on your location, there may or may not be some quizzes that you must pass as you progress through the course, but you can count on there being a final exam at the end. You must pass all of the quizzes and the final exam in order to obtain a completion certificate. In most cases, you are allowed to fail the final exam once and retake it, otherwise, you’ll need to take the course over again. While this is extremely rare, if this happens to you, Safe2Drive will allow you to enroll again at no charge.

Depending on your state, the course can take as little as an hour all the way up to 32 hours depending on what is required. Some states, such as California, do not require course timers to be used. In that case, the online traffic school can be completed much faster than usual. In any case, Safe2Drive can usually be completed close to the state-required minimum requirements.

Cost Of Online Traffic School

The cost of Safe2Drive is on par with other online traffic schools, if not a little bit cheaper. Since Safe2Drive has recently updated its course to be modern, mobile-friendly, and as quick as possible, we think Safe2Drive is a pretty good deal.

What We Like About The Safe2Drive Online Traffic School

Safe2Drive seems to offer good customer service during most hours of the day and night. In addition, they received an award for their “outstanding customer service”, so that shouldn’t go without mentioning. This is also a very straightforward course without a lot of distractions. It works well on mobile devices and they have nearly 2 decades of experience operating in several states.

What We Don’t Like About Safe2Drive

It would be nice to see Safe2Drive offer 24/7/365 customer support, but this is becoming more and more uncommon with online traffic schools. They do offer extended customer service hours including phone, email, and online chat, so unless you’re having trouble at extremely late night or very early morning hours, you should have help available.

Our Rating Of The Safe2Drive Online Traffic School Program

We’re happy this course has been updated. There are a very large number of online traffic schools that are very outdated and don’t work well on mobile devices. Fortunately, Safe2Drive is a course that has seen consistent updates over the years. All of this, bundled with their relatively low pricing, and we believe Safe2Drive is an above-average online traffic school.


If you would like to explore other options, below are some of the best online traffic schools we highly recommend.

With, you just know you’re in good hands. It is part of CyberActive, an e-learning company that focuses on traffic safety and driver education. It has been in the business for over 20 years and has served more than 4 million customers.

What sets apart from other online traffic schools is its funny and light-hearted approach to teaching. It makes learning enjoyable for drivers by including slapstick humor in its course content. Unlike other schools with bland online programs, MyImprov’s entertaining videos, GIFs, and jokes keep you from getting bored. After you complete the course, you even get to reward yourself with free tickets to the Improv Comedy Club, courtesy of the online traffic school.

With Aceable, you no longer have to be stuck watching videos about driver’s safety from the 1990s. Aceable’s traffic school course is one of the most modern ones out there and features advanced animations and up-to-date information. It has a mobile app that makes it more convenient for you to complete your defensive driving course whenever and wherever. With the app, you can study on the go without the need to carry around a bulky laptop. is best known for its fast and easy traffic school courses. While there are minimum time requirements per state, iDriveSafely offers the shortest allowed by law. We know you don’t want to spend so much time on traffic school. With iDriveSafely, you can complete the course as fast as you want. Its quizzes and exam are also easy, so going through them should be a breeze. 

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