Streaming Video Traffic School

Streaming Video Online Traffic School

Streaming video courses for online traffic school are finally becoming approved. It seems like streaming video courses should already be readily available, but for some reason, online traffic schools are still stuck in the previous century. Luckily, one of them decided they weren’t going to wait around any longer. The iDriveSafely streaming video online traffic school has officially been released and is currently undergoing approval in several states. Right now, it is only approved for the state of Texas, but it’s coming to more states soon.

Our Impressions Of The iDriveSafely Streaming Video Course

We reviewed the Texas video traffic school program and were pretty impressed. They include a whole cast of animated characters and each character has their own unique and amusing personalities. When all is said and done, it takes about the same amount of time as a regular online traffic school, so it really comes down to personal choice. Do you want to read your course for 6 hours or watch it? Most of the other courses do include some video, but the majority of it is reading material. If you don’t like to read, the video course is highly recommended.

Is The iDriveSafely Video Course TSC Certified?

Yes, the iDriveSafely streaming online traffic school is TSC Certified and is the only TSC Certified video course at the moment. We’re sure more are on the way, but we’ll wait and see.

Try It For Free

Since this is a new type of traffic school, they are willing to let people take the entire course until the final exam before your credit card will be charged. If you want to try the course for free, use the following link: