The Best Alameda Online Traffic School

The Best Alameda County Online Traffic School

Alameda county has always been a strategically convenient place to live. With access to both Oakland and San Francisco, the easy drive to and around the San Francisco Bay area makes this region great for both recreational and professional needs. If you can afford to live in this part of the country, you’ve got some great prospects ahead of you. However, living here successfully also means having mobility. While travel throughout the San Francisco core is easily accomplished through public transportation, having the flexibility to drive in and around the Bay area and Oakland opens up your career and residential opportunities. Being able to drive simply means you can do more, and one of the ways to improve those driving possibilities is with an Alameda County online traffic school. Listed below are the top rated online traffic schools for Alameda County…

Top-Rated Online Traffic Schools

Your Driving Responsibilities

Driving is often thought of as a purely physical, skill-based activity but the reality is that there’s more to driving than just good hand, eye and foot coordination. Driving requires knowledge as well, and an Alameda County online traffic school can help with that. There are three big reasons why some drivers may want to take the time to attend such a school.


The Best Alameda Online Traffic SchoolFor younger people that are just learning to drive, an Alameda County online traffic school provides an invaluable boost to the driving experience with an important contribution; good driving habits. An Alameda County online traffic school is about traffic law, as well as driving theory, such as good defensive driving techniques that can be life-saving in unexpected, emergency situations. This gives people just learning to drive the skills for a solid, safe foundation on which to build on.

Insurance Discounts

It should come as no surprise that statistics show people that have attended an Alameda County online traffic school and taken those lessons to heart tend to be better drivers. As a result, people that can show proof of having successfully completed traffic school may enjoy discounts on their premiums from certain auto insurance companies.

Traffic Violation Reduction

In the state of California, when drivers are charged by the police with moving violations, it’s not just a ticket with a fine that is served to the driver. Points also accumulate, and if you get too many points within a certain period, such as, for example, four points within one year, your license may be suspended. Attending an Alameda County online traffic school can reduce those points, once proof of completion is obtained and shown.

Your School Options

Fortunately, modern life has made traffic schools much easier to attend. In the previous century, most people really only had one choice; find a traffic school that could be physically visited, then carve out a big chunk of time to attend the classes. Today, an Alameda County online traffic school is a much more convenient option. Potential students have a wide range of choice, but it’s important to make the right choice. An online traffic school can now be physically located anywhere, and be attended by a student from anywhere. However, that school must be licensed for California traffic law in order for insurance or traffic violation reductions to apply. The Alameda County online traffic school suggestions we have here are fully certified for the state of California, so you can rest assured that any choices we present will fulfill both your educational and your insurance/traffic violation goals.

The All Rounder

One Alameda County online traffic school that we are happy to recommend again and again is This is a school that we have professionally reviewed and are confident about, and this is backed by numerous user reviews that also report a quality experience. What separates this Alameda County online traffic school from others is a combination of legacy and quality. This is one of the oldest online traffic schools in America, having got its start in 1998, during the infancy of the Internet. However, they haven’t simply gotten older, they’ve actively evolved and improved with that head start they’ve had. The result is that iDrivesafely has years of experience in effectively teaching, as well as a great business ethic that has landed it a coveted A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of the USA. That means that you can absolutely put your faith and your money in this school without any worry of being scammed, or being caught in a dispute over business practices or finances that leaves you on the losing end. For reliability, this is one of the best options for an Alameda County online traffic school. Students also get a choice of how their course is taken. For people that want to get the material over with as quickly possible who are quick readers, a text version of the course is available. This means that some students with quick reading and good retention skills can complete the entire school in just a single day. For people not that big a rush, a multi-media approach is available with videos and interactive components to make things more lively.

A Dash Of Funny

While not sporting the same pedigree of sheer quality, another very strong recommendation we’ve been making to many students is Improv Traffic School. The original school is based in Los Angeles, and draws on the pool of professional comedic talent the city’s entertainment industry provides. This means that students get a very thorough education that covers everything they need to qualify for educational, insurance or traffic violation purposes, but it’s all done with jokes in an entertaining manner. Unlike iDrivesafely, which provides a pure text version of their course for people that want to read, Improv relies on a lot of interactive and video footage that plays to strengths of the comedians sprucing up the content with humor. For people that aren’t so concerned with time, and want to take relatively dry material and make it as interesting as possible, Improv is definitely the best choice. You’ll get the same necessary information that would qualify for educational, insurance or traffic requirements, but if you’re not in a hurry, you’ll get it in the most engaging and memorable way possible, which can make a big difference in retention. There are plenty of other Alameda County online traffic schools available, with a range of different prices and teaching styles. We’ve got a broad listing of different schools, and if you find a listing here, that means we’ve reviewed it as well so you know whether it’s worth your money and meets your needs. Don’t forget that we also have special offers right here on some of these different schools, so you can some added “bang for your buck” with a nice introductory price reduction on your course.