The Top Rated Texas Defensive Driving Online Courses

The Top Rated Texas Defensive Driving Online Courses For 2018

In the state of Texas, when you commit a traffic violation, you’ll receive points on your driver’s license and fees to go along with them. If you accrue too many driving points on your record in Texas, you may need to take a state certified Texas defensive driving online course. You could also take your defensive driving course in Texas through a traditional classroom-based program, but hardly anyone does that anymore and with good reason. Taking your defensive driving course online in Texas is way faster, way easier, and way more convenient. The list below includes the top-rated Texas defensive driving online courses for 2018. Check out these top traffic schools and continue below for an explanation on how the driving point system works and how to avoid higher insurance fees.

Top-Rated Online Traffic Schools

How Driving Points Work In Texas

You’ll find that driving points are added to your driving record if you are convicted of a moving traffic violation:
  • 2 points for any moving violation
  • 3 points for any moving violation resulting in an accident
These points will remain on your record for 3 years. If these traffic violations add up, you could risk losing your driving privileges when you have:
  • 4 or more moving violations within a 12 month period
  • 7 or more moving violations within a 24 month period
  • 2 or more convictions for violating a driver license restriction
Not only might you lose your driving privileges, you can also end up with yearly surcharges that might lead you to look for a few Texas defensive driving online courses in 2018 to ease the burden.

How To Get Points Removed From Your Texas Driving Record

How The Surcharges Add Up

What Is The Best Texas Approved Defensive Driving Course Online?Texas has additional surcharges when convictions are added to your driver’s license. This is a part of the Texas Driver Responsibility Program (DRP). There are 2 ways that the state decides how to charge you: 1. Point System Surcharges When you reach more than 6 points on your driver’s license, you’ll be required to pay a $100 surcharge. Each additional point that you accumulate after the first 6 will cost you an additional $25. The state reviews your points every year and you will be charged yearly according to your points. 2. Conviction Based Surcharges Some convictions will require you to pay an annual fee for 3 years starting on the date of your conviction. These do not add points to your license but are a higher fee than points-based surcharges. For example, you’ll pay an extra:
  • $1000 per year after a first offense DWI
  • $1500 per year after 2 or more DWI offenses
  • $2000 per year when driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.16% or more
  • $250 per year when driving without insurance
  • $250 per year when driving with an invalid driver’s license
  • $100 per year when driving without a license

Keep Your Surcharge Low And Your Points Lower With A Texas Defensive Driving Online Course

To avoid paying extra surcharges, and to keep your driving privileges from ever being revoked, you could benefit from Texas defensive driving online courses. When taking Texas defensive driving online courses, you can get some of your points reduced. If you can go from 7 points down to 5, it sure would make a great difference in your wallet. Remember, traffic violations are reported to your insurance agency as well, so you might see an increase in your auto policy when you accumulate even the smallest number of points.

Be A Better Driver With An Online Defensive Driving Course In Texas

Finding the top-rated Texas defensive driving online courses are your first line of defense in keeping your driving record as clean as possible. Not only do they help reduce points that have already accumulated, Texas Defensive Driving Online Courses can make you a better driver so that you don’t acquire any more. Studies show that drivers who take a defensive driving course have fewer accidents in the 12 months following their course. You’ll not only learn a few things, you’ll likely get a refresher on some things that you have forgotten. And you’ll keep yourself safe in the process.

The Top Texas Defensive Driving Online Courses For 2018

When it comes to defensive driving courses in 2018, there’s nothing that anyone looks forward to except the end result of reducing points. Taking time out of your life to drive to class and sitting in the classroom listening to boring lectures and watching scare-films is no one’s idea of fun. But what if you could do it in the privacy of your own home in your own spare time? Texas defensive driving online courses have been an option for many years and with good reason; even the worst online school is better than a classroom-based course. Not knowing what you’re getting into with a particular company can be frustrating, so we’ll look at a few schools to find which one is best for you.

Approved Course Defensive Driving is one of the faster and easier Texas defensive driving online courses you can choose. Some of the things that make them truly stand out include their staff availability. If you need help, they have staff available every day; including weekends and holidays. Of course, they include a FAQ section to troubleshoot your issues, but if you can’t find what you need, contact them. Approved Course also offers a no-final-exam course. Some people get test anxiety that can hold them back from reaching their potential, but with no test to worry about, in the end, you’ll learn better without the pressure. Simply log on whenever you like, watch your lectures, and take short, multiple choice quizzes at the end of every chapter. That’s it. And Approved Course is one of the Texas defensive driving online courses that is approved for all Texas courts in 2018 when it comes to ticket dismissal.
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Get Defensive Traffic School Another one of the top-rated Texas defensive driving online courses is GetDefensive has been offering Texas Defensive Driving Online Courses since 2004 and the materials are written by professionals and expert driving safety instructors so you know you’re getting the best education. What makes GetDefensive unique is your ability to choose your course option. You can choose from:
  • A Text Based Course. This is divided into chapters that include text, video, and some animations. You can log off and return whenever you like as your work will be saved.
  • An Online Video Course. This is a streaming course that you can watch on your computer instead of reading the material.
Whichever option you choose, you can rest assured that GetDefensive uses the best learning management software and gives you the easiest website to navigate. And if you need to get started right away, they make registration easy. Just click, enroll, and begin your course.
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Whichever one of the Texas Defensive Driving Online Courses you decide on, you know that you’ll be getting your points and fines reduced quickly and easily without a trip to the classroom.