Top Rated Online Traffic Schools For Los Angeles Drivers

Top Rated Online Traffic Schools For Los Angeles Drivers

Los Angeles was one of the great cities throughout the 20th century, and it’s still one of the great cities in the 21st. Industries may come and go, but entertainment is something people will always want, and that means that LA is going to be one of the best cities to live in for many years to come. But living in LA has a price, and one of those is the need to have your own car. While the city has, in recent years, been trying to improve public transportation, this still remains a city where you need to your own car to have an effective, independent life. If you can’t drive in LA, you may as well start looking at moving to New York or some other place where car ownership isn’t so intrinsically tied to success. As with most other large cities, Los Angeles and surrounding area police departments are not exactly lenient when it comes to handing out traffic tickets. If you’re looking at online traffic schools for Los Angeles, chances are you were given a citation and now you need to remove the points from your record. There aren’t a whole lot of people who take traffic school by choice, right? So, first things first. What are the single best online traffic schools you can take in Los Angeles and what exactly does “best” mean? Well, “best” means fast, easy, cheap, and high quality with a money-back guarantee, right? Listed below are those very courses. All of these online traffic schools are certified in Los Angeles (actually they are certified in every county in the entire state), they receive the best reviews, and they are all fast and easy. As long as you go with one of the below courses, you’ll be in good shape.

Top-Rated Online Traffic Schools

Learn The Rules

Drivers’ education is something that most people are familiar with, and quite a few have taken a formal course in some school to learn how to drive, while others may have simply learned in high school, or perhaps through a friend, relative or parent. Whatever the case, driving school, unlike online traffic schools in Los Angeles, are about the basic mechanics of driving. It’s where you learn how to actually drive a car. Traffic schools on the other hand, is sort of like a “refresher training” course. This is all about traffic law in the state, as well as driving theory on the way you should approach certain situations on the road. While an online traffic school can be done at your own pace, in California it can usually be finished in the same day and within just a few hours. There are three main reasons why someone would choose to attend a traffic school…

Educational Value

The most basic reason is intrinsic value. Whether you attend a physical one or one of the online traffic schools in Los Angeles, there is good educational merit to taking this class. In the same way that just learning how to cut food and use a stove do not automatically make you a good cook, knowing how to drive a car doesn’t necessarily make you a good driver, but additional lessons in traffic school can help. This is great for new drivers that feel the need for a bit more training or super responsible adults who feel like getting a refresher voluntarily. I don’t think a high percentage of us are really that responsible, but they, if that’s why you’re signing up, that’s awesome!

Insurance Discounts

There is statistical proof that people who attend online traffic schools in Los Angeles significantly reduce their risk of getting into vehicle accidents. Because of that, people that can furnish proof that they’ve attended one of the recognized online traffic schools in Los Angeles and can actually enjoy a discount on their insurance premiums. While this doesn’t work for all insurance providers, the majority of them do offer discounts for attending a traffic school, including online traffic schools, as long as they are certified in the state.

Erasing Points

People that are caught violating traffic law are issued both fines they need to pay, and points that accumulate on their driving record. If too many points accumulate, a license to drive may be suspended. However, attending online traffic schools in Los Angeles can erase points from your record, and is one of the most common reasons why people attend. So now that that’s out of the way, what are the best online traffic schools in Los Angeles to attend? That, mostly, depends on what you want to get out of it.

The Least Painful Option

Improv Traffic School For some people, learning traffic theory is going to be a fight to retain any information at all because of how dull and boring they find the material. Maybe you can relate because I know I can. Enter the world of Improv Traffic School. This is a great online traffic school that is actually based out of Los Angeles and owned by the Los Angeles based Improv Comedy Club. This school uses professional comedic talent from local Los Angeles comedy clubs to add some jokes and levity to the material. They’ve coined the term “edutainment” – that is, learning while being entertained. Improv Traffic School includes all forms of learning including text, video, comics, graphics, games, animations, and all that other good stuff. It will also work on any device you want to use such as your phone, tablet, laptop, etc. If boredom is an issue for you, this is one of the best online traffic schools in Los Angeles to take and it also helps to support a Los Angeles based company.
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The Quality Choice

Drivers Ed Logo For sheer experience, quality and results, we’re always confident about recommending This is one of the top online traffic schools in Los Angeles, for all the right reasons. They are fully licensed, meaning that any certificate your receive here is widely recognized and 100% legal in the state of California for both insurance and points reasons. Beyond that, however, they have 15 years of experience in the business, which is quite a bit longer than many other schools. Their prices are competitive, and they even allow you to take the first 20% of your course free to see if you like it. With good reviews, an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau, and a lot of happy students over the years, this may be, overall, one of the top rated online traffic schools in Los Angeles for people serious about quality.
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No Nonsense

Traffic 101 This is a course that is easy to recommend to the readers out there. If you don’t like how bogged down things get by having to watch videos and just want to speed through a course quickly, we recommend This course is the exact opposite of Improv Traffic School. It’s one of the fastest but dullest online traffic schools in Los Angeles for one very good reason; it’s all text. This means that for people who are good at reading and don’t mind minimal presentation, it’s actually possible to devour this entire course in one day and be finished. The quality of education here is very good, but the presentation is as minimal and efficient as possible. That’s perfect for people that read quickly and are in hurry, but if that’s not you, and speed isn’t an issue, we’d recommend one of our other choices.
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Regardless of which choice you make, we’re confident that any of these recommendations are good online traffic schools in Los Angeles. They will teach you everything you want or need to know, and at the end of it, you’ll either have an education, a recognized validation of completion for an insurance discount, or get that moving violation erased from your record.