5 Best Online Traffic Schools in New Jersey

Good news!

New Jersey is among the list of states that allow online traffic schools. 

However, there is no state-wide approval on traffic ticket dismissal by completing an online defensive driving course. In general, only the judge can dismiss a ticket, so it’s on a case-by-case basis. 

If you get the green light from your judge, then AWESOME! 

Not only that, online traffic schools in New Jersey can help keep your driving record clean and prevent higher car insurance costs. 

If you need any of these, then it’s best to go with an online traffic school that’s legit, reliable, and high quality. 

This is why I’ve listed down the 5 best online traffic schools in New Jersey. This way, you won’t have to go through the long list 

So shall we?

What are the Best Online Traffic Schools in New Jersey?

These are the 5 best online traffic schools in New Jersey:

You’ll never go wrong with any of these MVC-approved online traffic schools. But to help you better decide which one to sign up with, we will review them individually.

Improv Traffic School

5 Best Online Traffic Schools in New Jersey Improv

Improv Traffic School is one of the most established online traffic schools in the US. Unlike its competitors, it focuses on making the course fun and exciting for its students.

Its curriculum is co-written by successful Hollywood writers and professional comedians from the Improv Comedy Club. 

It features rich graphics, funny video clips, and animations. Plus, its text content is also entertaining on its own. It has a lot of jokes that are there to make you laugh while you learn.

The course consists of 10 easy-to-read chapters with two-item quizzes. It is the shortest allowed by state laws; you won’t have to spend more than six hours on it.  

Apart from fun, Improv guarantees money savings. It is accepted not only by the MVC but also by all auto insurance providers in the state. You are sure to save up to 10% on your policy. 

Improv Traffic School’s online defensive driving course for New Jersey starts at a low price of about $20. It already includes instant certificate filing to the NJ MVC and a free downloadable certificate for you to keep.

Interested to see inside the Improv’s course? We made a walkthrough video for you below:


5 Best Online Traffic Schools in New Jersey iDriveSafely

iDriveSafely is one of our top picks for online defensive driving courses in New Jersey because of its versatility. Whatever your study needs are, iDriveSafely has got it all for you. 

If you prefer a simple course that lets you go through the lessons as fast as you possibly can, then the school’s text-based option will work best for you. It mostly has written content, but it also features a few images and videos here and there. You can even purchase a read-aloud add-on, which lets you listen conveniently to the materials. 

If you prefer a more interactive program, then we recommend the online streaming video course. This option lets you complete the defensive driving course by simply watching. Then, all you’ll need to do is pass the quizzes and the exam.

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll fail the final test. But if you do, don’t worry because you have up to three attempts. 

The online defensive driving course for New Jersey starts at around $25. The audio read-along costs an additional $5, while the video format upgrade will set you back by around $10 more.

We reviewed iDriveSafely for you, too. Check out our walkthrough video below:


5 Best Online Traffic Schools in New Jersey GoToTrafficSchool

GoToTrafficSchool has been in the business since 2000. Over the years, it has helped more than 4 million American drivers improve their defensive driving skills, dismiss tickets, reduce points, and get discounts. 

The school’s course layout is basic and straightforward. Sure, it lacks multimedia content, but its high-quality text content makes up for it. 

GoToTrafficSchool’s coursework may not be as advanced nor as interactive as the others on this list, but its customer service is excellent, too. It offers customer support via hotline, e-mail, and live chat, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  

GoToTrafficSchool’s course offering for New Jersey costs around $20. It comes with a money-back guarantee, and, the best part is, you can start the course for FREE. Just pay when it’s time to take the final exam.

It also has the lowest price guarantee, which means that if you find a cheaper alternative, the school will remove $1 from their price. 

Here’s our walkthrough of GoToTrafficSchool:

Cheap Defensive Driving Course

5 Best Online Traffic Schools in New Jersey Cheap Defensive Driving

Another online traffic school that offers defensive driving courses loaded with comedy is Cheap Defensive Driving Course. It operates under Traffic Safety Consultants, Inc., an organization that aims to provide high-quality educational programs that help students become safer drivers. 

Written by a Hollywood screenwriter, the coursework features informative yet entertaining content. It also includes photos, videos, creative charts, and illustrations. Based on several studies, it is proven to be effective in minimizing traffic violations and accidents among course takers.

The course features state-of-the-art technology, too. It guarantees 99.9% uptime, thanks to its dedicated tech support team.    

Cheap Defensive Driving Course’s fees start at a little under $30. Contrary to the school’s name, it’s not as cheap as others on this list, but it is still affordable.


Defensive Driving

DefensiveDriving is the brainchild of David Bruce, a man who set out to create his own online course after an unsuccessful search for one. Founded in 2000, the online traffic school was the first to offer online video streaming. To date, it has served more than 2 million customers.

DefensiveDriving’s course offering for New Jersey is primarily text-based. It is simple enough to complete in one sitting. However, if you easily get bored from reading, you can log on and off as you please. 

Unlike other online traffic schools, DefensiveDriving doesn’t have a time limit or completion deadline for its courses. We don’t encourage you to postpone studying for too long, but should you need more time to finish the materials, DefensiveDriving has got your back.    

DefensiveDriving’s text-based course starts at $20.

Online Traffic Schools in New Jersey FAQs

Is online traffic school better than a classroom in New Jersey?

It depends on your learning style and preferences, but an online traffic school is cheaper and more convenient than a classroom-based school. In a way, it is also better for the environment because of reduced commute and paperless studying. 

Who can take the online defensive driving course in New Jersey?

The New Jersey online defensive driving course is voluntary. It is available for license holders who wish to take the program for points, or insurance reduction, or educational purposes.

If you want to take it to dismiss a ticket, then you first need to ask permission from your court handler. 

How often can I take the online defensive driving course for points reduction in New Jersey?

You can only take the online defensive driving course for points removal in New Jersey once every five years. 

Is the online defensive driving course the same as the driver improvement course in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, a defensive driving course is different from the driver improvement program. The latter is for drivers who have 12 to 14 points on their records. It is offered in place of a 30-day license suspension. 

You may refer to this page to learn more about driver programs in NJ.


Certain traffic violations may seem petty to some drivers. In many cases, some will choose to just settle them. However, incur too many offenses and you may just risk losing your driving privileges. 

Thankfully, the state of New Jersey allows drivers to make up for their violations by signing up for defensive driving courses. Not only do these programs take a few points off their records, but they also teach them how to be safer on the road to prevent future offenses, and more importantly, more serious traffic accidents. 

You can reap the benefits through the 5 best online traffic schools listed above. 

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