Best Online Traffic Schools in South Dakota

Traffic school for ticket dismissal is on a case-to-case basis in South Dakota. You need to get permission from your court handler. 

The same is true with point removal and auto insurance discounts. You need to ask the respective authorities first. 

If you get the green light, then you’re in luck as there are so many great online traffic schools in the state. 

And we’re going to help you pick the best one for YOU.

So are you ready to find out the best online traffic schools in South Dakota?

Let’s begin!

What are the Best Online Traffic Schools in South Dakota?

Here are the 5 best online traffic schools in South Dakota:

Let’s get to know these schools a little more. 



People never use the words “fun” and “entertaining” when it comes to traffic school.

However, with MyImprov, you’ll be introduced to an entirely new world of wit and learning!

That’s right, MyImprov sprinkles the oh-so-serious topic of defensive driving with a dash of comedic relief. 

Now, we know what you’re thinking…

Does this make their course useless and uninformative? 

Not in the least!

MyImprov’s defensive driving course was built on the teamwork of defensive driving professionals and Hollywood comedians. 

Thus, you can rest assured that the lessons you learn meet the South Dakota standards for defensive driving.  

Just make sure that you ask permission from your court, DPS, or insurance provider before you enroll in any of MyImprov’s courses. 

What’s more, MyImprov comes with a handy-dandy app that you can install for easier access to your lessons. 

And if all that doesn’t sound appealing to you. You can finish their course SUPER quickly. It’ll only take a few minutes. 

Check what MyImprov’s course looks like inside with our video review and walkthrough:


Best Online Traffic Schools in South Dakota GoToTrafficSchool

Another great online traffic school in South Dakota is GoToTrafficSchool.

This school is popular for its price gimmicks. 

For one, they have a lowest price guarantee. This states that they will remove $1 from their course cost if you find an online traffic school cheaper than theirs. 

For another thing, they also have a “Pay Later” option. This means that you can study the course without paying a single penny until you have to take the final exam (or when 30 days have passed).

On top of that, their course price is super affordable. You’ll be able to get the course for just $40. 

As for the course itself, it is very straightforward. This way, you can go through it as fast as you want without having to watch videos or whatnot. 

When it comes to accessibility, their website is mobile-compatible. So you can take your classes on almost any mobile device: tablet, phone, or laptop.

And if you want, you can pay a fee for upgrades, such as a read-along feature, same-day processing, insurance certificate copy, and many more. 

Look inside GoToTrafficSchool with our video review and walkthrough:


Best Online Traffic Schools in South Dakota iDriveSafely

iDriveSafely is one of the leading online traffic schools in the country. So we HAD to include it in the list.

Instead of using humor like MyImprov or making a straightforward, mostly-text-based course like GoToTrafficSchool, iDriveSafely made their course very engaging. 

You’ll come across bite-sized lessons, videos, graphics, and even animations. 

If you want to learn about defensive driving, then this will really help you retain all the information. 

The iDriveSafely website is optimized for mobile use, too. You can use it on almost every mobile device you own for even greater convenience. 

What’s more, iDriveSafely has a progress tracker that traces your activity, so you never have to worry about losing your spot. Work around your own schedule, leave, and come back whenever you want. 

Want to see what an engaging course looks like? Then check out our iDriveSafely review and walkthrough:



Looking for lessons that will teach you all about the ins and outs of defensive driving? 

DmvEdu’s course is designed by defensive driving professionals who have had years of experience in the industry. So you can rest assured that you’ll know everything you need to know and more. 

One great thing about DmvEdu is that your completion certificate will be available for download as soon as you pass the final exam. 

And yes, while DmvEdu isn’t state-approved, their lessons comply with South Dakota DPS and State Court Standards. 

In other words, as long as you get permission to take their course, you can qualify for ticket dismissal, an insurance discount, and complete court requirements. 


Best Online Traffic Schools in South Dakota SafeMotorist

SafeMotorist is an offshoot of the American Safety Council. As you can expect, they provide residents of South Dakota with defensive driving courses that meet court and state standards. 

Since you’re given instant access, you can start taking classes immediately after you enroll. Why wait for delays?

Of course, you can also take your time and start on a later day. 

The best part?

You can get it for just $19.95. Talk about being affordable! 

However, you’re only given 90 days to access the lessons. Don’t worry, SafeMotorist is pretty fast to get through. 

And if you have any issues, customer support is available 7 days a week to assist. 


Let’s answer some FAQs about online traffic schools in South Dakota, shall we?

Will online traffic school be easier than in-classroom traffic school?

The difference between in-classroom and online traffic schools is not so much on “it is easier”, but more on its convenience. 

Both online and in-classroom traffic school courses are relatively easy. However, one lets you take lessons wherever and whenever you want, while the other requires you to sacrifice a huge chunk of your downtime to complete. 

If you want to spare yourself the pains of sitting in a stuffy classroom with the Saturday afternoon heat, online traffic school is the best option to choose. 

Is online traffic school expensive?

Some schools may offer their courses at a slightly higher price than most, but in general, online traffic schools are VERY cheap. 

Compared to in-classroom programs that normally cost anywhere between $100-$200, online traffic schools only cost as much as $19-$40. 

That’s a huge deal if you ask us. 

The Bottom Line

Although traffic schools are not yet officially recognized in the state, it doesn’t mean they can’t dismiss a ticket, remove points, or give auto insurance discounts. 

You just need to ask your court handler, the DMV, or your insurance provider. 

And if they give you permission, then AWESOME!

You can pick one of these best online traffic schools in South Dakota. And, to be sure, whichever you pick, you’ll be in great hands. 

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