The Fastest & Easiest Florida Traffic School Online

If you need to sign up for a Florida traffic school online, there is no doubt that you probably want to sign up for the fastest and easiest course. The good news is you have several options for fast and easy traffic schools that are still certified for ticket dismissal purposes in the state of Florida. In this guide, we will give our top recommended traffic school that you should take in Florida, along with several additional options.

In addition to our #1 choice, we will also tell you how to find a high-quality Florida traffic school online that is certified in the state if you do not like the recommendation that we give. And finally, we will also give you some advice on how to speed up the process on just about any online traffic school and pretty much guarantee yourself a 100% score to pass any online traffic school in Florida easily. We recommend that you read this entire article because all of this will help you complete your Florida traffic school online in the fastest way possible.

Our Top Recommendation

If you don’t want to put in a whole bunch of research and just want us to tell you who the fastest and easiest Florida online traffic school is, we can tell you that this is the best online traffic school to sign up for in Florida. The reason we recommend that online traffic school in Florida is because they have a very good reputation including an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. They also supply extended customer service hours every day of the year. Also, this course is the fastest course allowed in the state of Florida and has been certified in the state for over a decade. More than 5 million people have already completed their course so it can’t be that bad, right?

With that said, if you would like additional options, check out a list of the best online traffic school courses in Florida below.

Comparing The Top 5 Fastest & Easiest Online Traffic Schools In Florida

idrivesafely Fastest & Easiest online traffic school Florida

When it comes to fast & easy, iDriveSafely is the absolute best online traffic school you can take in Florida. is one of the most trusted providers of online defensive driving courses. They offer the most number of approved courses across all US states, too! With millions of students and over 20 years of experience, this is a safe, easy, cheap, and fast option.


How is it the fastest and most affordable option? offers the shortest traffic course allowed by Texas law. So you won’t feel bombarded with hours of lectures and reading materials. 

What’s more, you get to complete your credit hours according to your own schedule at Log in and out of the online course as you please on any mobile device, tablet, or PC.


iDriveSafely is one of the easiest online courses because of the many flexible learning methods they offer. Students who learn best by reading can learn through iDriveSafely’s text-based method that is also filled with graphics and videos. If you learn best by watching videos, get the video course for that in-person class experience. Busy iDriveSafely students can listen to the full audio narration of the text-based course, too.


Get your money’s worth with a full refund thanks to their 100% satisfaction guarantee. You’ll even get a FREE e-certificate once you finish the course.

  • Fastest course allowed by state law.
  • Highest reviews with over a 4.5 rating from verified students.
  • U.S. based customer service available 7 days per week.
Go To Traffic School Easiest

Go To Traffic School is guaranteed to be the cheapest online traffic school in Florida. This course is also extremely easy and quick to complete. If you find a Florida online traffic school for a lower price, they'll beat it! 

Go To Traffic School ensures an engaging learning experience with interactive videos, animations, and read-along text. Valuable practice quizzes will also ensure that you pass the final exam on your first try. What’s more, courses are 100% online, so all you need is your PC, mobile phone, or tablet to finish your credits in no time! 


After passing the final exam, Go To Traffic School will automatically send and process your Certificate of Completion directly to your local court.


On top of that, you get reliable 24/7 customer service support via phone call, live chat, and email.

  • In business for over 20 years.
  • Approved in the entire state of Florida for all courts.
  • Recently updated with all new course content & interface.
Aceable online Traffic School Florida

Aceable is one of the more recent online traffic schools to be approved in Florida, but this also makes it the most modern.


Aceable has its eyes set on the future with its innovative approach to learning. Find engaging videos, animations, and graphics. You can even download the Aceable Defensive Driving app that makes it super convenient to learn on the go. If you don’t think it could get more advanced than that, Aceable students get to learn from the friendly in-house robot, Ace.


We always recommend Aceable because it’s one of the easiest online defensive driving courses out there. The school has done its fair share of making the course as simple as possible. Students won’t find lengthy textbooks at Aceable. Instead, you’ll breeze through the course with bite-sized content and engaging simulation, games, and quizzes.


You should note, though, that the Aceable Defensive Driving course is only fully approved in the Florida Dade-Miami county. This course works the best on smartphones, so if you plan on taking your course on the go, this is your best choice. The mobile app is available on the Apple Store and the Google Play store– it’s truly an app for all!
  • Downloadable app for Apple and Android devices.
  • Mix of text, video, animations, graphics, & interactive features.
  • Shortest course allowed by Florida state law.
Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School is perhaps the only online traffic school in Florida that is actually entertaining to go through. It's fast, easy, and you'll actually get a few laughs in as you go through this course.

Get the best in Edutainment (education plus entertainment) only at Improv Traffic School! Improv Traffic also offers a convenient app, so you can access their hilarious skits on the go. Most importantly, you’ll finish the course in no time since Improv Traffic videos and resources can be accessed 24/7 on any device.


Get more than a few good laughs at Improv Traffic School. You never have to worry about processing your certificate because Improv Traffic will handle all the hassles of filing your certificate, at no additional cost.


As much as we love Improv Traffic’s skits, the best thing about this school is that there are no additional and hidden fees. Students get unlimited free attempts to pass the final exam, free certificate filing, and free due date reminders, all at an inclusive flat rate.

  • Developed by stand-up comedians from the Improv Comedy Club.
  • Approved in Florida for the 4hr & 8hr defensive driving programs.
  • Pricing includes everything - no hidden charges at the end.
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat
Florida American Safety Council Traffic School Fast

The American Safety Council can be used for ticket dismissal in Florida as well as driving point reduction and insurance discounts.

The American Safety Council offers three driver improvement packages: 4-hour basic driver improvement, 8-hour intermediate driver improvement, and 12-hour advanced driver improvement courses. Rest assured that these courses are 100% online for your maximum convenience. Log on ad off as you please according to your schedule. 


Students can get their points reduced by as much as 9% after completing this FL DHSMV-approved course. They do have a few fees at the end of the course such as certificate processing, but it still comes out to a low price.

  • 24/7 customer support available via email and live chat.
  • Available in both English and Spanish.
  • Very first provider for online defensive driving courses.

How To Find The Best Florida Online Traffic School

If you do not like our suggestions above, here is how you find the best Florida online traffic school while you do your own research...

For starters, you will need to ensure that whatever online traffic school you sign up for is certified in the state of Florida. Unless you are taking an online traffic school for fun (which is nobody), chances are you need to take your traffic school course in order to dismiss a traffic ticket or reduce the number of points on your driving record. If you do not have a list of certified online traffic schools in the state of Florida, you should go to your local court clerk’s office and obtain a list of all of the schools that are certified for whatever violation you are trying to resolve. Any high quality online traffic school like the ones we recommended above will verify that you are eligible for their course.

In addition to obtaining a list of certified online traffic schools in Florida from the court, you will also want to verify that the school is high quality by checking reviews and determining how long the online traffic school has been in business. The courses we listed above have thousands of verified reviews from actual customers, with a 4.5 average rating or higher. There are plenty of online traffic schools certified in the state of Florida that have been around for more than a decade with millions of people who have already completed their course.

Finally, it is very important that whatever online traffic school you sign up for offers quality customer support with extended hours 7 days per week. There are certain regulations that certified online traffic schools must adhere to in the state of Florida such as identity verification processes that can sometimes get a little tricky. If you have trouble verifying your identity and proving that you are actually the one taking the course you may need to contact their technical support as it is possible to get locked out. This is a somewhat frequent occurrence and if technical support is not offered during the evenings or on weekends it defeats the whole purpose of being able to take an online traffic school at your leisure from home. Online traffic schools in Florida aren't known for their great customer service, so be aware of that going in.

How To Complete Your Online Traffic School Fast & With A 100% On All Quizzes

Most of the certified Florida online traffic schools require that you take a few quizzes or tests throughout the course. Some courses may also have you take a “final exam” at the end of your online traffic school course. The best way to ensure that you receive a 100% on every quiz or test is to copy and paste each page into a Microsoft Word file. If you are unable to copy and paste the text you can always take a screenshot of each page. This allows you to go back and find answers while you are taking a test or quiz. For the majority of online traffic schools in Florida your test or quiz will be timed and you will have to complete it in a certain amount of time. Fortunately, the amount of time that is allowed for you to complete a quiz or test is more than enough to go back in find the correct answers for every test question. You can find some additional advice for how to get online traffic school answers here.

So, for those of you who need to sign up for a Florida online traffic school, we hope that this guide helped. Please feel free to share your experience or recommendations in the comment section below.