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Texas Online Defensive Driving Course Reviews

Taking your Texas online defensive driving course is much easier to do now than ever before. Luckily, the state of Texas is one of the few states who have approved online versions of their required defensive driving course for ticket dismissal and insurance reduction.

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How To Find The Right Defensive Driving Course At The Right Price

With nearly 40 state-approved online defensive driving courses in Texas, how in the world are you supposed to know which school is the best one? you can get a full list of all approved Texas defensive driving courses here, but there is no information about which course is the best. And how are you supposed to know which school offers the most competitive pricing without checking each school individually? That’s exactly what I’ll be helping you with in this guide.

Stick With TSC Certified Online Defensive Driving Courses

While there are many great traffic school options for the state of Texas, there are quite a few terrible options as well. First, we’ll give you our TSC Certified defensive driving courses. We highly recommend you stick with one of those schools as we have already screened them and were able to get discount codes for most of them.

The Top 6 Best Online Defensive Driving Courses

Based on thousands of reviews from actual customers, this is a list of the top 6 best online defensive driving courses in Texas. You have many more options, but these are the schools that consistently rank higher than all the others. These online defensive driving courses were ranked based on reviews from multiple sources including Yelp, TrustPilot, the Better Business Bureau, and even feedback that we have personally received on comment sections and emails.

TOP PICK: Aceable’s Online Defensive Driving Course

Aceable Online Defensive Driving

Aceable is one of the newest online defensive driving courses to hit the market. They have only been around since 2016, but they received millions of dollars in start-up funding which enabled them to develop the single best defensive driving course to ever exist online. As a real Texas company with its headquarters in Austin, the state of Texas is the first place they were approved for online driver training including driver improvement courses. To put things clearly, any state this course is approved in I make it my top pick. There are no competitors, really. This is especially a good defensive driving course if you plan on taking your course on a mobile device. No other online defensive driving course has a dedicated app that you can download. No other course works better on mobile than this course.

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Recommendation #2: Approved Course

Approved Course Defensive Driving Texas

Approved Course is a family run online defensive driving course that has focused exclusively on the state of Texas for over a decade. It’s pretty hard to find family-run online businesses, so when given the opportunity to support one, many like to do so. All the benefits that typically come with a family-owned business applies to Approved Course. You’ll get better customer service and more attention to the little details that large corporations cut out in order to save pennies. This is a course that also doesn’t add on hidden fees at the end of the course, which is all too common. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, this is perhaps the easiest online defensive driving course in Texas.

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Recommendation #3: iDriveSafely.com

iDriveSafely Best Defensive Driving Course Online Texas

If you’ve been reading around our site, you’ve probably noticed that iDriveSafely is almost always ranked as the #1 course. We love these guys and they actually offer something really unique and specific to Texas. They offer a streaming video course in addition to their regular defensive driving course (which also includes some video). Since they’ve been around for over 12 years, have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, a customer base of over 5-million people, and crush all of our TSC Certification requirements, it’s fair to say that this is one of the best online traffic schools on the web.

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Recommendation #4: Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School

Several different “comedy” based online defensive driving courses exist on the web, but we haven’t seen any that match the quality of Improv Traffic School. This course was developed by a group of Hollywood comedy writers and the goal of the course was to turn online traffic school into entertainment. While we can certainly think of better things to do with our time, this is probably the least boring course available and to top it off, you get free tickets to one of the many Improv Comedy Clubs across the country. Not a bad deal! This is also a very cheap defensive driving course and the fastest allowed by Texas state law.

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Recommendation #5: DriversEd.com

DriversEd.com Review

While DriversEd.com is primarily an online drivers ed course (the most popular online drivers ed course in the country), they have a Texas online defensive driving course approved by the state as well. This is your best option if you really want to take the course seriously. Since they are primarily an online drivers ed course, they incorporate much of that content into the defensive driving course. With the 3D graphics and animations throughout the course, this one is pretty interactive and keeps your interest while actually teaching you a thing or two about driving safety. With about 20 years of experience and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, this is an easy 5 star recommendation.

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Recommendation #6: Traffic101.com

Traffic 101

While we think the Traffic101.com online defensive driving course is a bit dry and boring, many people don’t care about the fancy graphics, videos, animations, and interactions that other schools provide. They just want a straight forward, easy to use text-based course. Most text-based courses out there are run by shady companies because a text-based course is cheap and easy to create. This school is actually run by a legitimate company with well over a decades worth of experience. So if you don’t care about all the bells and whistles other courses offer and simply want a “digital book” of sorts, this is the course you’ll want to go with. Please note, however, that this online defensive driving course doesn’t work very well on mobile devices so if you plan on taking this from a phone or tablet, we recommend going with another school.

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Full List Of Approved Texas Online Defensive Driving Courses

Below is the full list of defensive driving courses officially approved by Texas. While we recommend you stick with one of our recommended courses above, these are other legitimate options you may want to look into.

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